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The Executive Office

Pascale Brandt-Pomares has been director of the Inspé d'Aix-Marseille since September 1, 2018. She is assisted by 4 deputy directors, a head of administrative and technical services, an assistant and two college heads that she has appointed.

  • Director of the Inspé


  • Responsible for administrative and technical services

    Thierry VIGREUX

  • Deputy Head of Administrative and Technical Services

    Mailys SILVY

  • Assistant Directors

    Laurence ESPINASSY - Research, training and field relations
    Jean-François PABA - Pre-service teacher training and service
    Pascal TERRIEN -Research and international cooperation
    Patrice LAISNEY - Partnerships and student life

  • Academic Correspondent of the Rector to the Inspé

    Georges MERLE

  • Head of Colleges

    Marjoram CHATONEY - Science College
    Christine MUSSARD - ALLSH College

  • Responsible for institutional life

    Caroline GAREAU

  • Communication Officer


  • Responsible for the secretariat of the Directorate

    Patricia SCOPETTA

The administrative and technical services are organised by division

Head of the Training Division: Delphine JOSEPH
Head of Research and International Cooperation in Education: Mathilde FAVIER
Head of the Resources and Resources Division : Marlène ASTRION
Head of the Digital Resources Division: Didier BARD
Head of Logistics: Boumédienne FEGHOUL

Responsable du pôle Formation : Delphine JOSEPH
Responsable du pôle Recherche et coopération internationale en éducation : Mathilde FAVIER
Responsable du pôle Ressources et moyens : Marlène ASTRION
Responsable du pôle Ressources numériques : Didier BARD
Responsable du pôle Logistique: Boumédienne FEGHOUL