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  • General provisions

    The role and competences of the Academic Training Observatory are defined in the statutes of the Inspé.

  • Composition

    The list of members of the academic observatory of training is defined in the statutes of the Inspé.

  • Operation

    It shall be chaired by the Rector and shall meet at least twice a year in ordinary session at the call of its Chairman.
    A project manager placed under the responsibility of the Inspé's management is responsible for collecting and editing the information required to draw up an annual report on the implementation of the Inspé project. The quantitative and qualitative data collected enlighten the members of the Academic Training Observatory on the application of the policy on training, research and innovation, on the cost of this policy and the needs necessary for its implementation, as well as on the commitment of each project partner.
    Based on this data, the academic training observatory draws up a set of recommendations which is transmitted to the scientific and pedagogical orientation council, the institute council and to each of the three partners in order to develop the project and regulate its operation.