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Dear students

Following President Macron's announcement concerning COVID-19, as of Monday 16 March 2020, all courses and pedagogical activities of the University will be cancelled until further notice.

Consequently, access to the university premises (including the University Libraries) welcoming students will be closed on Monday.

We therefore thank you for not going to your place of teaching.

Rest assured that every effort will be made to ensure that no student will be penalized for the validation of his or her curriculum, despite this delicate period related to COVID-19.

In order to facilitate your good access to information in this turbulent period related to COVID-19, we recommend that you activate your mailbox and connect to AMETICE if you haven't already done so, and that you consult them several times a day.

The institutional mail " " and the AMETICE platform will indeed be our priority exchange and coordination methods for all the new ways of organizing lessons.
A pedagogical continuity plan will be deployed to enable you to best overcome this delicate period.

Thanking you all for your understanding in the face of this exceptional situation.