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The UE 3 are UE with choice of common culture.

The offer of UE 3 is specific to each training site (Aix, Avignon, Digne or Marseille).

Individual registration on line

  • S1 for M1 students: from September 19 to 25
  • S3 for M2 students: from September 12 to 18

The pedagogical registration is done via your ENT in the schooling section.

See the UE 3 by site (PDF documents) to know the UE proposed by site and by semester.

  • Improvement of written and oral expression

    This UE3 includes 10 hours devoted to oral expression, and 10 hours devoted to written expression (20 hours: 12 hours in-class & 8 hours distance learning). It is intended only for a limited number of students with major difficulties in writing and/or speaking, selected by their course supervisors. This is not a FLE course for non-French speaking students (ERASMUS or equivalent).

    Semester 2 - Aix