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  • Chercheure invitée : Gabriela Tebet

    Gabriela Tebet
    • Can you introduce yourself 

    Gabriela Tebet, Professor for Early Childhood Education on Faculty of Education in State University of Campinas (UNICAMP – Brazil)

    My Research is about Early Childhood education policies and practices, Baby Studies, Sociology of Childhood, Children's Geographies and ethnic-racial relations. My last researches projects were: “Babies, individuation, subjectivation and singularization process experienced by them in different Spaces” (FAPESP Grant 15/10731-8, period: 2018-2020),  “Between individuation and materiality: analysis of babies and young children experiences with objects” (FAPESP Grant 18/26635-6, period: July, 2019, partnership with professor Maria Impedovo, from Aix-Marseille Universitè), and “Challenges and possibilities of the use of technologies in education (2022 - 2023)”

    • What is the aim of your visit ?

    I am at AMU as part of the 2023  AMU Visiting Scientists campaign to strengthen and consolidate a partnership started in 2019 to study materialities in babies' life and now, to start a new focus on the analysis of infants and young children's experiences with emerging technology and also keeping our interest in discussing relations between babies, young children and the space (of institutions and of the city).

    • How long did you stay and What did you do during your stay in Inspé ? (schedule, who did you meet)

    I will be here in Marseille for 30 days ( from 10th January to 10th February).  My agenda during this period includes fieldwork in some "école maternelles" in Marseille and other Spaces of infant socialization, working meetings with professor Maria Impedovo to share and co-analyze data collected in Brazil and others collected in France, working meetings with professor Nadja Monnet in Aix-en-Provence, participation in the Research Seminar Artefact in 25th January, participation in the Research Program « Débat citoyen et didactique du paysage. Expérimenter, observer, évaluer, innover »  and of the Journées d’étude « L’éducation avec le paysage », in Aix-en-Provence, 25th and 26th January 2023, and contributions  and presenting some of my previous researches in Lesson about teacher practices in AMU, campus Saint Jerome.