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  • Role and skills

    The Board's mission is to coordinate the commitment of the three partners, Aix-Marseille University, Avignon University and the Academy, in the realization of the academic project of the Inspé d'Aix-Marseille as it has been accredited and to follow its evolution throughout the multi-year contractual period. It ensures the application of the tripartite agreement, concluded between the three partners for the multi-year contractual period and provides for its evolution through amendments.

    It ensures the management of the partners' commitment through the monitoring of the project budget

    from its provisional elaboration to the balance sheet of its execution.

    It makes recommendations on the project's orientations.

  • Composition

    The board is composed of the following members:

    - the rector of the Aix-Marseille academy

    - the president of AMU

    - the president of Avignon University

    - the director of the Inspé ;

    - the president of the Inspé Institute Council.

    Each member of the board may be accompanied by one or two collaborators.

    The board may be enlarged, when the agenda justifies it, to include the secretary general of the academy, the general directors of the services of the universities involved in the project and the person in charge of the administrative services of the Inspé.

  • Operation

    The board meets three times a year. The director of the Inspé is responsible for organizing the meetings.

    It relies on the assessment of the partners' commitments and their impact on the realization of the academic project and on the project budget. In addition, he/she develops possible scenarios based on the partners' commitments and priorities and translates this into a hierarchy of orientations and the construction of a provisional project budget.