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About the federative structure

The Structure Fédérative d'Études et de Recherches en Education de Provence (SFERE-Provence, FED4238), created in 2012, is under the supervision of the University of Aix-Marseille and partner of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. It federates 22 research units in the fields of teaching, education and training. The scientific policy conducted there takes into account the specificities of each structure, while organizing a synergy allowing for the optimal and harmonized use of intellectual and material resources. The challenge is to strengthen locally the complementarity of research approaches and methodologies, but also to improve their regional, national and international visibility.

The federation thus formed aims to decompartmentalize disciplines in order to develop our knowledge in the teaching, education and training sectors, whether it be on school organizations or institutionalized training systems. These questions occupy a preponderant place in our societies, whether it is a question of discussing their orientations, organizations, their efficiency, performance, adaptation, adequacy, coherence or relevance. The federation thus initiated should give greater visibility to the research policies conducted and, consequently, improve their coordination and their social and scientific impact.


The Federal Structure of Studies and Research in Education of Provence aims to :

  • encourage the success of inter-laboratory scientific projects on a scale that exceeds the means of the component entities considered in isolation; setting up a support system that can take regular or ad hoc forms (scientific watch, support for project set-up, relational monitoring with external partners, etc.) ;
  • to develop the aspects of communication (between the research units of the federation); of promotion, both internally and externally, of scientific knowledge; of economic valorisation (in connection with companies); and of training in relation with the institutional partners of SFERE-Provence.
  • to contribute to the elaboration of a policy for the development of research in Education and Training in the PACA region.

The SFERE notebooks

The notebooks of the Structure Fédérative d'Études et de Recherches en Education de Provence (SFERE-Provence, FED4238) -(ISSN 2607-1266) are fed by its members.

They are intended to present the scientific activities of this structure, created in 2012, which brings together some 20 research units (teaching, education and training, and human and social sciences sectors).