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About the laboratory

The "Learning, Didactics, Evaluation, Training" laboratory is a Research Unit (UR 4671) ofthe University of Aix-Marseille(AMU), attached to the Doctoral School Cognition, Language, Education (ED 356), and its members are members of theInstitut National Supérieur du Professorat et de l'Education d'Aix-Marseille University(Inserted AMU) or the Department of Educational Sciences.

The research conducted in ADEF aims to increase the understanding of education and/or training systems, more particularly the effects of policy decisions and the assessment of their effectiveness, in teacher and/or trainer training organisations and through the interactions between students (trained), teachers (trainer) and knowledge.

Research distributed in 8 programs :

  • Training artifacts
  • Education and Training Activities Clinic (ETAC)
  • Didactics, comparative didactics, learning, evaluations, social representations (SDCAERS
  • Institutional Support & Knowledge Systems (ISSS)
  • Education (to), territories, development and societies (EDTS)
  • Creative gesture and formative activity (GCAF)
  • Organizers of the teaching activity between didactic and ergonomic dimensions (ODE)
  • The Role of Artifacts in Effective Science and Technology Education (STE).