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L'Inspé provides training for teaching, education and training professions (MEEF) in connection with educational research.

How to become a teacher

Pre-professionalization: from the bachelor's degree, identify and build your career path

This scheme is open to undergraduate students wishing to become a teacher or wishing to work in the field of education.

Working in contact with students, with pedagogical teams, in schools, educational establishments, and associative sectors from the second year of the bachelor's degree favours a progressive entry into the profession of teacher, educator.

The first year of Master MEEF: learning the trade and preparing for the competition

The MEEF master's degree is, from its first year, very much oriented towards the practice of the profession. It includes four to six weeks of observation and accompanied practice.

During the first year of training, students benefit from 450 to 550 hours of instruction (excluding internships).

NB: recruitment competitions organised by the employer (Ministry of National Education) are at the end of Master 1.

Please note: from 2022 onwards, recruitment competitions will take place at the end of Master 2.

The second year of the MEEF master's degree: a year of work-study

In the second year, after validation of the Master 1 and successful completion of the competition, the laureates become student-civil servant trainees; they are paid on a full-time basis.

The work-linked training course in the second year of the MEEF Master's degree includes :

  • an internship in responsibility equivalent to half time in front of students in school, college or high school,
  • 250 hours of teaching at the Inspé.

Validation of the MEEF Master's degree at the end of the Master 2 year is one of the necessary conditions for tenure, as is obtaining a favourable opinion from the academic jury evaluating the internship in responsibility.

Students who have validated their Master 1 MEEF and who have not won a competitive examination follow the courses of the Master 2 MEEF and benefit from supervised internships (72 hours per semester) as well as a system to help them access teaching and education professions.

The key figures of the Inspé d'Aix-Marseille

19 training paths

4 training sites

160 education professionals

3000 students

Our partners

L'Inspé d'Aix-Marselle maintains links with actors in the world of education as well as with those in the professional world.