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If you have at least one year's experience in teaching, education or training, you can obtain all or part of the Master's degree in Teaching, Education and Training (MEEF).


Anyone with experience in the fields of teaching, education or training is concerned by the MEEF Masters course VAE. There is no requirement for titles or diplomas to access the MEEF Master's degree by VAE.


The first step consists in drawing up a "booklet 1" admissibility file of the application for the MEEF master's degree by the VAE.
This file is examined by a commission which will make a decision once a month during the application period. This commission is made up of the director of the Inspé or her representative, the heads of the four MEEF Master's degrees or their representatives, the VAE project manager and the head of the study and VAE department of the Inspé's training centre.
The university's Continuing Vocational Training Department shall forward the results of this committee to the candidates.


Once the candidate has written the "Booklet 2", a jury is convened to validate the EAV. There are two jury sessions per academic year: one in May/June, the other in November/December. Following the hearing, the selection board will decide whether the diploma in question is to be validated in full, in part or not at all. In the case of partial validation, instructions are given to the candidate, who must comply with them as soon as possible.
The result of the deliberations is communicated orally to the candidate by the jury on the day of the defense. Written notification shall be sent subsequently by the university's continuing vocational training department.

Cost and Financing (rates 2020-2021)

Compulsory fees: 1343€.

  • Instruction of the request : 100€.
  • Expertise and organisation costs of the VAE jury: 1 243€.

Optional fees (accompaniment to the VAE): 1 200 €.

In order to obtain funding (DIF Primary and Secondary National Education, local authorities, DIF private sector, Pôle emploi, employer), candidates must contact the personnel department on which they depend.
An application for funding can also be made to the Pôle emploi, for job seekers, and to the regional council to obtain a "VAE regional cheque".

* For other masters, please contact the AMU Continuing Professional Development Department, SFPC.

  • Contacts

    VAE Contacts
    Information about your EAV project The definition of your VAE project in a MEEF Master's degree. The constituent documents of the VAE file (VAE file, VAE guide, cerfa). Your personalized quote.
    Financing your EAV and your administrative registration For information on financing and possible exemptions. To register and thus have access to the university library and AMETICE.

    Karine SANYAS
    Guidance, Training and Prior Learning Assessment Counsellor - SFPC

    Pedagogical issues in the VAE coaching course For pedagogical contributions in connection with your accompaniment. Nathalie MIKAILOFF
    VAE Project Manager - Inspé
    Submission of the memorandum and your accompanying certificate of attendance For the submission of your dissertation and your accompanying certificate.
    Jury For information about your jury duty, your convocation. Karine SANYAS
    Guidance, Training and Prior Learning Assessment Counsellor - SFPC
    Post Jury For your VAE certificate. Karine SANYAS
    Guidance, Training and Prior Learning Assessment Counsellor - SFPC
    For your certificate of graduation and/or the follow-up of your recommendations after the jury (in case of partial validation). Saliha SAIFI
    VAE Office Manager - Inspé