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Will and main objective of the Inspé in terms of research?

The Inspé is determined to assert its place and role on a scientific level in the fields of education, teaching and training.
Its objective is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of educational research through the implementation of a dynamic of links and interactions between research, training and the field.

The research project of the Inspé d'Aix-Marseille relies on the research and training teachers of the 1st and 2nd degrees of the School who together contribute to the advancement of educational research.

Which structure and research laboratories?

Inspé has about 70 teacher-researchers from various disciplines: economics, language science, language and literature, psychology, arts, sociology, history and civilization, geography, mathematics, dense environments and materials, structure and evolution of the Earth, mechanics, biochemistry and molecular biology, neurosciences, education sciences, information and communication sciences, sciences and techniques of sports activities.

These teacher-researchers are affiliated to various laboratories in the region: ADEF, LPL, LAMES, TELEMME, PSYCLE, CEPERC, Centre Norbert Elias (UMR 8562), CIELAM, ESPACE, LESA, ISM, IREMAM, IMR, UNIRéS, CREDO, LEST, I2M, most of which are partners of the Structure Fédérative d'Etudes et de Recherche (SFERE-Provence).