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  • Hosting of FSTGs in research laboratories - deadline 03 09 2021

    The Inspé takes on trainee teachers who have passed a competitive examination for the recruitment of teachers or education staff, and who have a Master's degree in education, and offers them a suitable sandwich course within a university DESU. These trainee teachers are on placement for half of their teaching duties in a school (two and a half days a week) and in training at the university for the other half.
    As an extension of their MEEF master's degree, we would like to offer these trainees the possibility of developing a project in connection with educational research. The challenge is to acculturate primary and secondary school teachers to research. It is to be expected that a dynamic based on an approach to the scientific world will be able to continue and facilitate the professional development of these teachers, whose relationship to knowledge must not be dogmatic.
    The SFERE-Provence research federation offers the opportunity to forge ever closer links between laboratories, research units and schools, both primary and secondary.
    The projects on which you can engage these young colleagues of the National Education are very open and the diversity of your actions is a source of wealth. You can involve them, for example, in research activities, in promotion and/or dissemination activities or in any other initiative.
    These arrangements have already been tried and tested several times; with this reception of trainee civil servants, it is a question of weaving links with school teaching teams, their educational community (the Inspé is developing numerous relations with the associative fabric of school partners) and their social and cultural environment.
    I would be grateful if you could let me know before 03 September 2021 of your interest in contributing to this project by returning the form below; I will then come back to you to define the modalities for the reception of the interested civil servants-in-training.

    - DESU-proposal-form Download

  • 6th RAIFFET International Symposium from 11 to 15 April 2022

    Conference organized in memory of Jacques GINESTIÉ who initiated 5 conferences in education sciences in Africa since 2005.

    Location: Ecole normale supérieure de l'enseignement technique (E.N.S.E.T.) LIBREVILLE/GABON

    Call for papers for a symposium with publication of proceedings


  • Call for participation - SFERE-Provence Scientific Day on September 28, 2021 - Conference and poster session

    The deadline for submission of proposals is 6 September 2021

    SFERE-Provence meeting between researchers, trainers, doctoral students and master students in the field of education and training.
    The next scientific meeting of SFERE-Provence will take place on September 28, 2021 at the Inspé AMU St Jérôme.
    It will give rise to a meeting between researchers, trainers, doctoral students and master's students of Aix Marseille University whose research work is in the field of education and training.
    This day aims to create structuring synergies around the research-field-training articulation.
    This meeting is based on two discussion sessions between the speakers and the participants:

    Call for participation for the poster session 2021

    This call is addressed to all researchers, trainers, doctoral students and master's students from SFERE-Provence and AMU who would like to present their research work in the field of education and/or training.
    Each oral presentation of a poster in plenary will last 3 minutes. It can be a research in progress or completed, carried out within the framework of a master's thesis, a thesis or a funded project (SFERE-DAFIP, ANR, H2020 or other). This presentation in plenary will be followed by a time of discussion between the speakers and the participants in front of the posters.

    Interested researchers will have to submit on this platform an abstract for each research work of about 400 words (one page maximum), with a presentation of the main objectives, the partners involved and a list of 5 keywords. These abstracts will allow the SFERE steering committee to know the potential projects and to anticipate the organization of the SFERE-Provence day.

    At the end of the scientific day, all the posters will be deposited in the HAL collection of the Scientific Days of SFERE-Provence.

  • SIEST 2021 Conference Nov 10-12, 2021 Hammamet (Tunisia)

    Scientific and technological education in the Mediterranean area - Call for papers

    The aim of this conference is to discuss issues and working methodologies specific to research in scientific, technological and vocational education, to compare the results obtained and to take stock of the progress of research in this field within the Mediterranean region. The aim is also to promote and establish work projects between the laboratories that are members of the SIEST network in order to develop a common culture of research work on teaching-learning in the scientific, technological and professional fields.

    In addition, this colloquium aims to support young researchers in their communication and scientific publication process. In this perspective, the proceedings of the conference will be published in the Mediterrean Journal of Education (formerly Journal of the Unesco Chair of the University of Patras)

    Proposals can be submitted on the platform until 30 August 2021

  • Call for emerging research projects in education 2022 - SFERE- Provence

    Launch of the call: July 6, 2021 - Closure of the call September 27, 2021

    Presentation by the project team to the Scientific Council of SFERE-Provence on October 21, 2021 (the project leaders will be present at the SC for a presentation)
    The whole file must be sent by email to the address: on September 27, 2021 at the latest.

    SFERE-Provence (FED 4238) wishes to encourage and stimulate inter-laboratory meetings with a view to developing original and interdisciplinary research projects in education.
    These emerging projects can apply to SFERE-Provence in order to obtain financial support for the year 2022 (within the limits of 5000 euros per project). The amount granted by the federative structure may differ from the amount requested depending on the number of projects accepted.

    At the end of the support granted by SFERE-Provence, the emerging projects will have the ambition to continue and to develop in at least one of the 5 AMPIRIC actions or to answer to the call for proposals of national or international organizations of support to the research.

    Terms ofreference of the call for projects:
    - The project must be led by permanent members of at least 2 laboratories of SFERE-Provence.
    - The project must be a new, original and interdisciplinary project based on existing international literature related to the content of the project.
    - The project team commits to integrating, from the start of the project, one to three MEEF master students.
    - The positive opinions of the directors of the member laboratories of SFERE-Provence involved in the project must support the answers formulated by the teams.
    - The member laboratories of SFERE-Provence involved in the project must participate in the financing of the emerging project responding to the call of SFERE-Provence.
    - The project team commits to communicate on its research during the scientific days of SFERE-Provence.
    - A Gantt chart presenting the stages of the project must be attached to the application form, as well as a provisional budget.
    - An end-of-project report must be submitted to the Scientific Council of SFERE-Provence within two months of the end of the project.

    The application form for the SFERE-Provence call for projects can be downloaded from the SFERE-Provence website ( and from the SFERE-Provence notebooks (

    It must include :
    - The submission form for an emerging educational research project SFERE-Provence including the presentation of the team composition, the summary of the proposal, a detailed presentation of the proposal and a provisional budget.
    - A Gantt chart including the stages of the project.
    - The opinions of the directors of the SFERE member laboratories involved in the project and the amounts of co-financing planned by the laboratories.
    - A provisional budget

    Schedule of the call for projects:
    - July 6, 2021: Launch of the "emerging-SFERE" call for proposals
    - 27 September 2021: Closure of the "emerging-SFERE" call for proposals
    - 21 October 2021: Oral presentation and evaluation during the Scientific Council of SFERE-Provence
    - 28 October 2021: Release of the selected emerging projects.
    - January 01, 2022: Start of the project

    Download the form : 21.07.06-AAP-emergents-SFERE-Provence-and-submission-form