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Your registration system is that of continuing education as long as your status is as follows:

Compensated job seeker;
Beneficiary of the RSA;
Training leave, reclassification.

Continuing education costs

For the year 2020-2021, the continuing education costs of the MEEF Master's degree are as follows:

Master 1 : 4 978 €.

Master 2 : 2 573 €

How to finance his training?

Individual training leave

Individual Training Leave is a leave of absence that allows employees to take time off from their job in order to follow training to qualify, develop or retrain on their own initiative.
The requested training does not have to be related to the employee's activity. It may be full-time or part-time, continuous or discontinuous.
To benefit from it, you must meet certain conditions and submit your application to your employer. The OPACIF (Organisme paritaire collecteur agréé au titre du CIF) can take care of your remuneration and training costs.

Individual Training Assistance - Job Seekers

The Individual Training Assistance can help you obtain financial assistance from the employment centre to follow a training course. This assistance can be combined with other sources of funding.
To determine your eligibility for this aid, you must make an appointment with your employment counsellor to study your training project.

Career development leave - public service

Professional training leave allows civil servants to complete their personal training through professional or personal training not offered by the administration.

The specific arrangements of the University

  • The Regional Training Plan (PRF) in partnership with the Regional Council

A framework partnership agreement for continuing vocational training in higher education has been concluded with the Regional Council, which allocates a limited number of places to the University and, more specifically, to each component.
This agreement allows you, subject to fulfilling the eligibility conditions and subject to acceptance of your file by the commission, to have part of your training costs financed.

  • The University's Partial Exemption Commission

The University has set up commissions for partial exemption from continuing education fees.
The exemption commission, after studying the file, may grant a partial exemption to the trainee. In making its decision, this commission bases its decision on social criteria and equality between students according to their income.
Once your application has been approved, you will be given an exemption file which must be sent, complete, to the office in charge of continuing education.

Whether you are an employee or a jobseeker, you can enter the Master 1 thanks to a professional and personal Validation of Prior Learning file.
The decree of 23 August 1985 allows access to a training course for which a candidate does not have the title required on entry (the licence). It is possible to compile a specific file in order to demonstrate that his or her professional experience has enabled him or her to acquire the necessary skills (pre-requisites) to follow the MEEF Masters course in question.
Each application is submitted for the opinion of the MEEF Master's pedagogical commission and the decision of the director of the Inspé. It meets twice a year and considers:

  • VAP files (validation of professional and personal experience): candidates who do not hold a licence but who meet the conditions of access to the competition and who are authorised to register in M1 for a BAC +2 + 5 years of professional activity (PLP competition), mother or father of 3 children or high-level sportsmen and women.
  • Applications for enrolment in M1 from students who do not have a degree of access in their own right (the bachelor's degree) as part of a validation of studies.
  • Applications for direct enrolment in M2 for students who do not hold the M1 MEEF.
  • Applications from students with foreign diplomas (except for countries with Campus France procedure).