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  • Role and skills

    The aim of the financial committee is to strengthen the management dialogue between the different actors of the Inspé and to improve the efficiency of the financial function of the Inspé. Its mission is to advise the director on budgetary orientations and on the execution of the budget.

  • Composition

    The financial committee is composed of the following members

    • the director of the Inspe ;
    • the head of administrative and technical services
    • one or more deputy directors and project managers appointed by the director
    • the heads of the administrative and technical divisions
    • the site administrative managers
    • the heads of the colleges ;
    • the person in charge of communication.
  • Operation

    The financial committee meets twice a semester. The director of the Structure Fédérative d'Etudes et de Recherche en Education de Provence (SFERE-Provence, FED 4238) or his/her representative and the director of the research unit EA4671 ADEF or his/her representative are permanent guests of the financial committee. All persons with competence in budgetary matters may be invited to the financial committee.