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  • Research Seminar "What the vocational pathway reveals about the functioning of our educational system

    Friday, October 22, 2021 from 9am to 12pm at INSPE in Aix-en Provence. Amphi D
    Target audience of the event: Researchers, students and teachers

    Initially designed to meet the demands of the labour market, vocational high schools are schools in their own right, organised according to the objectives and standards of the national education system. Relegated to the second rank of the French education system, it has long been the segment least invested in by educational research. Yet it reveals the main operating logics at work in our education system and the flaws that result from them. As a true pedagogical laboratory, the challenges to be raised are multidimensional: between the management of the heterogeneity of the school population, the perseverance of the students and the problems of school and professional orientation. This half-day study session aims to examine the specificities but also the current issues and contradictions of this segment of the educational system. Particular attention will be paid to the most vulnerable school population: CAP students.

    Program of the half-day session

    9:00 - 9:15 - Presentation of the half-day session

    9.15-11am - Speeches and discussion with the audience

    • Claire Bonnard, IREDU: "Relationship to school and the labour market of students enrolled in CAP".
    • Pauline David, CREN: "Models of initial vocational training through the prism of the school form".
    • Caroline Hache, ADEF, Eric Tortochot, ADEF, Laura Dussuel, ADEF, Noémie Olympio, LEST, "Pedagogical practices and profiles of vocational high school teachers: an overview of the issue".

    11:00-11:15 Break

    11:15-12:00 Assessment and perspectives

    • PY Bernard, CREN " The seminar La forme scolaire à l'épreuve de la formation professionnelle, un premier bilan ".

    Free but compulsory registration for both face-to-face* and distance learning on the event website

    In accordance with Aix-Marseille University's health regulations - 2021-2022 academic year;
    Those attending the study day on October 22, 2021 must present a health pass.

  • Projects selected for the 5th wave of SFERE-P-DAFIP projects

    Projects selected for the 5th wave of SFERE-P-DAFIP projects in the field of research.

    • Schools - REP-REP+ networks: Jas de Bouffan College; Project title: From self-esteem to the pleasure of learning. How to regain a taste for studies and find one's path. Researchers in charge or co-responsible for the projects: Nathalie Rezzi and Aurélie Pasquier-Berland; Laboratory involved: ADEF EA 4670
    • Schools - REP-REP+ networks: Pierre Magnan elementary school + Hauts de Plaine middle school; Project title: Student's personal work : how to make it an object of improvement of student's results by co-elaborating local answers. Researchers in charge or co-in charge of the projects: Christine Félix; Laboratories involved: ADEF EA 4671; MESOPOLHIS
    • Schools - REP-REP+ networks: Ecole maternelle Bouge; Project title: Coeducation. Axis 3 of the priority education reference framework: To set up a school that cooperates usefully with partners for school success. This choice is in line with the network project, one of the objectives of which is to promote and enhance the role of parents and external partners in the life of the school. Researchers in charge or co-responsible for the projects: Feuilladieu Sylviane; Laboratories involved: ADEF EA 4671; PSYCLE EA 3273
  • HDR defense - Maria Antonietta IMPEDOVO

    Habilitation to supervise research entitled: "Collaboration in Learning and Teaching: Transformative interactions between learning communities, artefacts and educational technology", defended on May 26, 2021 at 2pm at the Inspé, in Education and Training Sciences (70th CNU).

    Tutor : M Chatoney

    Composition of the jury

  • 2nd seminar of restitution of the SFERE-P/DAFIP projects " Research-Training-Field " waves 2 and 3 on May 26, 2021

    May 26, 2021

    Distance learning seminar

    Within the framework of the development of cooperation between the Priority Education networks and research, strongly encouraged by the Rector, the Academic Delegate for Training and Pedagogical Innovation, the director of the SFERE-AMU research federation and the director of INSPE.

  • Robots in the classroom - 1st Day - Teaching / learning practices - June 30, 2021

    Robotics associated with artificial intelligence projects us into vast educational perspectives. In view of its development in the school context, robotics can be integrated in all the lessons and in connection with the 5 competences of the base, from the learning of digital tools and computer languages to the learning of life in society and collective action.

    The seminar "Robots in the classroom" is organized by the EAST/ADEF team to develop the discussion with teacher-researchers, education professionals and developers.

    9.00 - 9.20: " Opening: Teaching and learning with and about robots - Marjolaine Chatoney (Inspé AMU/Laboratoire ADEF-program EAST)

    9.20 -10.20 : " Robotics in primary school : what kind of tools and what kind of activities ? - Vassilis Komis (University of Patras - Greece)

    10.20-10.30 : Coffee break

    10.30-11.30: " Creativityin creative problem solving activities - Margarida Roméro (University of Côte d'Azur/Laboratory LIME)

    11.30-12.10 : " Robotsin primary school : 3 progressive situations proposed in partnership with Inspé/Canopé de Digne ". -

    Alain Garcia (Inspé), Canopé (Digne)

    12.10-12.40 : "Robotics research in the EAST program "- Alain Garcia (Inspé AMU) - EAST team (Inspé AMU/Laboratoire ADEF- EAST program)

    12.40-13.40: Lunchbreak

    13.40-14.40: "My citytomorrow!Mini robotics projects in cycle 4 of secondary school ". - Guy Mistre, Hervé Kalfoun

    14.40-15.40 : " Robocup from kindergarten to the first years of university ". Stéphane Brunel (University of Bordeaux/ IMS Laboratory - UMR 5218 CNRS)

    15.40-15.50: Coffee break

    15.50-16.30: "Association Poppy " - Member of the association, Stéphane Brunel.

    16.30-17.00 : "Pedagogical applicationin high schools ". - Luc Antonelli

    17.00-17.15 : " Perspectives and closing of the seminar - Maria Impédovo, Brice Leroux, Marjolaine Chatoney Download the Program in pdf format

    Carriers of the project:
    Marjolaine Chatoney and Maria Impédovo

  • SIEST 2021 Nov 10-12, 2021 Hammamet (Tunisia)

    Scientific and technological education in the Mediterranean area

    The aim of this conference is to exchange on issues and working methodologies specific to research in scientific, technological and vocational education, to compare the results obtained and to identify the progress of research in this field within the Mediterranean region. The aim is also to promote and establish work projects between the laboratories that are members of the SIEST network in order to develop a common culture of research work on teaching-learning in the scientific, technological and professional fields.

    In addition, this colloquium aims to support young researchers in their communication and scientific publication process. In this perspective, the proceedings of the conference will be published in the Mediterrean Journal of Education (formerly Journal of the Unesco Chair of the University of Patras)

    Proposals can be submitted on the platform until 30 August 2021

  • SFERE-Provence Scientific Day, September 28, 2021 - Conference and poster session

    The deadline for submission of proposals is 6 September 2021

    SFERE-Provence meeting between researchers, trainers, doctoral students and master students in the field of education and training.
    The next scientific meeting of SFERE-Provence will take place on September 28, 2021 at the Inspé AMU St Jérôme.
    It will give rise to a meeting between researchers, trainers, doctoral students and master's students of Aix Marseille University whose research work is in the field of education and training.
    This day aims to create structuring synergies around the research-field-training articulation.
    This meeting is based on two discussion sessions between the speakers and the participants:

    Call for participation for the 2021 poster session
    This call is addressed to all researchers, trainers, doctoral students and master's students of SFERE-Provence and AMU who would like to report on research work in the field of education and/or training.
    Each oral presentation of a poster in plenary will last 3 minutes. It can be a research in progress or completed, carried out within the framework of a master's thesis, a thesis or a funded project (SFERE-DAFIP, ANR, H2020 or other). This presentation in plenary will be followed by a time of discussion between the speakers and the participants in front of the posters.

    Interested researchers will have to submit on this platform an abstract for each research work of about 400 words (one page maximum), with a presentation of the main objectives, the partners involved
    as well as a list of 5 key words. These abstracts will allow the SFERE steering committee to know the potential projects and to anticipate the organization of the SFERE-Provence day.

    At the end of the scientific day, all the posters will be deposited in the HAL collection of the Scientific Days of SFERE-Provence.

  • Launch of the 5th call for SFERE-P-DAFIP projects in the field of research.

    In response to the 5th call for SFERE-P DAFIP projects, 5 projects have been proposed by schools of the REP and REP+ networks. Researchers from SFERE-Provence member laboratories are invited to learn about these projects by clicking on this link. If you wish to take part in one of these projects, please send your answer sheets (also on AMUbox) to the DAFIP at the following address: ( and in copy)

    Returns are expected by July 5

    As a reminder, these "research, training, field" projects in the area of priority education aim to provide a response by researchers and teacher-researchers to the needs expressed by the field, which can generate training resources that can be used at the academic level.

    See the projects of the first 4 waves

  • Ampiric Day - June 23, 2021

    Ampiric day of exchange on 5 fundamental learning skills: reading, writing, reasoning, counting, respecting others
    Distance learning on June 23, 2021

    Ampiric is a unique device. Anchored in the "Research-Training-Field" project of the Inspé of Aix-Marseille University, and associating the Inspé of Nice, it starts from the observation of a "school of reproduction" of social and gender inequalities in France (Pisa 2015 ranking / items: readings, science, mathematics, collective problem solving). Marseille is, like the academy, a reality and a strong symbol of these inequalities: in this commune, one of the best high schools in France is located next to the largest number of REP+ schools (23). How can we train teachers for such different contexts, and how can we articulate the fundamentals between them, in a transdisciplinary perspective? In order to meet this challenge, Ampiric combines the anchoring in the field, the support of fundamental and collaborative research, pedagogical innovation and the promotion of a new relationship to knowledge and training. This unprecedented association is a strength that will enable us to envisage a profound renewal of teacher, CPE and PsyEN training by 2030, and of student learning.

    To question, redefine and decompartmentalize learning and fundamental knowledge
    To develop research and training in this field
    To reinforce the dynamics of collaborative research and transdisciplinarity
    To organize the cycle of Ampiric 2021-2022 conferences on these fundamentals.

    10-minute presentation of the project by Virginie BABY-COLLIN, head of Ampiric
    5 moments of 45 minutes each, introduced for 10 minutes by a moderator

    Morning session :
    Reading: Johannes ZIEGLER (Ampiric) / Writing: Jean-Luc VELAY (Ampiric) / Writing: Nicolas SEMBEL (Ampiric).

    Counting: Patrick LEMAIRE (IUF) / Respecting others: Julien GARRIC (Inspé) - Final synthesis of 45 mn (led by Jean-Luc VELAY & Nicolas SEMBEL). - Main witness: Patrick LEMAIRE.

    ALL AUDIENCES: REGISTRATION (or without HAL account by mail to

    Valorization of research and continuing education




  • 2nd edition of the SFERE-Provence conference

    30 and 31 March 2021 in Marseille

    Learning and educational policies. What interdisciplinarity, methodologies and international perspectives?

    This conference is supported by the Pôle d'Innovation, de Recherche, d'Enseignement pour l'Education d'Aix-Marseille (AMPIRIC) and financed within the framework of the 3rd Future Investment Programme (P.I.A. 3). It aims to improve the performance of students, particularly those with learning difficulties, by developing, experimenting and disseminating innovative pedagogical approaches through networking between research, training and teaching activities, with a view to breaking down disciplinary barriers.

    The educational policies and strategies defined as well as the methodological and interdisciplinary challenges related to these questions will be analysed through four axes: 1/ Contributions, limits and new challenges of educational research on fundamental learning, 2/ Between international educational strategies and national and local policies against inequalities: what responses from the actors?3/ Governance of innovation, transformation of pedagogy and teacher creativity, 4/ Collaborative or participatory teacher-researcher research: what positioning and competencies of the researcher and what contributions in terms of educational policies?

    The calls for papers for this colloquium, initially open until 31 March 2020, have been extended until 31 March 2010. July 31, 2020